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  1. SMTP Host: smtp.office365.com SMTP Port: 587 SSL Protocol: OFF TLS Protocol: ON SMTP Username: (your Office365 username) SMTP Password: (your Office365 password) Also make sure that your: From email in HESK settings (General tab) is set to your Office365 email addres
  2. The settings below should in basic work for everyone with an Office 365 or Microsoft 365 plan that has Exchange Online. SMTP Server address: smtp.office365.com; SMTP Port number: 587 (with TLS) Authentication: Required; Username: <your Office 365 email address> ([email protected]) Password: <your Office 365 password>
  3. Server Address: smtp.office365.com. Username: Your Office 365 Address (e.g. example@yourdomain.com) Password: Your Office 365 Password. Port Number: 587 (With TLS) Authentication: Required. Sending Limits: 10,000 Emails a day. To know more about Office 365 SMTP settings, Click here

I am using office 365 and I want to get office 365 outgoing smtp server and port , ssl required or not details. Where I could get these details from office 365 admin . Pol. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread Nejpoužívanější port, které Outlook.com a Office 365 podporuje, je port 587.Pro zabezpečení doporučujeme protokol STARTTLS. Ověřené kombinace Server: outlook.office365.com nebo smtp.office365.co Features of Microsoft 365 or Office 365 SMTP relay. Microsoft 365 or Office 365 SMTP relay does not require the use of a licensed Microsoft 365 or Office 365 mailbox to send emails. Microsoft 365 or Office 365 SMTP relay has higher sending limits than SMTP client submission; senders are not bound by the 30 messages per minute or 10,000 recipients per day limits The following screenshots provide summary information on how to connect your email client to Office 365 using the Exchange and IMAP/SMTP (non-Outlook email clients) protocol. Configuring for Exchange Find the Mail item in the Windows control panel to add or edit your Outlook account profile

K tomu, abyste mohli přidat svůj e-mailový účet do Outlooku, Outlooku na webu, služby Outlook.com nebo aplikací Pošta a Kalendář pro Windows 10, budete potřebovat několik údajů včetně typu účtu, názvu serveru příchozí pošty a serveru pro odchozí poštu a nastavení SSL a portu You can configure many Office 365 SMTP settings in the Exchange Admin Center. Once logged in, click on mail flow (1) -> connectors (2) -> New (3). The New Connector window will pop-up POP, IMAP and SMTP settings for Office 365 By default, Office 365 client such as Outlook uses Exchange Autodiscover to connect to the Office 365 email account. However, in some cases you need to connect to Office 365 using IMAP or POP protocol. Below is the list of email setting for Office 365

In order to add your email account to Outlook, Outlook on the web, Outlook.com, or the Mail and Calendar apps for Windows 10, you'll need several pieces of information including the type of account, the incoming and outgoing server names, and the SSL and port settings Mandatory requirements for SMTP Relay with Office 365. The sending app must connect to the Office 365 servers on port 587; The application which you are using for sending the emails must support TLS; The sending app must authenticate with Office 365. The SMTP relay server that wants to relay mail to the Office 365 mail infrastructure will.

The SMTP uses port 25 by default, though it can also use port 587 and 465. The last was introduced as the port of choice for secure SMTP, which is still used by many mail service providers. POP3 Known as Post Office Protocol - POP- is used for retrieving emails from a mail server to a mail client To send emails in SmarterTrack you will need to configure the SMTP settings for the Brands and Departments. These are the settings you will need to enter when using Outlook 365 and Gmail. For more information on how to configure the SMTP settings please refer to the knowledge base article -- Send Automated Emails from SmarterTrac - Setup connector in Office 365 exchange to add my public IP addresses as trust - Setup an Office 365 account with an Essential subscription - Allow incoming & outgoing SMTP traffic over port 25 and 587 on my firewall for all Office365's IP addresses. I tried to run: mailx -v -s Now is `date` \-S smtp-use-starttls \-S ssl-verify=ignore \ In some cases, your applications or devices don't support the requirements for connecting to Office 365 using SSL or on the non standard SMTP port of 587. If you have applications which don't support these requirements, but you would like to use the Office 365 SMTP and POP3 servers, you can use Stunnel to bridge the gap

Office 365 Scan To Email Not Working - SMTP TLS Fix. Recently Microsoft Office 365 SMTP implemented the mandatory use of TLS 1.2 which may cause issues with your Sharp MFP scanning to email. This procedure is for Sharp multi-function devices. We have a quick and simple solution that as of today, 9-19-2018 after the TLS 1.2 implementation, seems to be working POP3 (Post Office Protocol - Version 3) Adresa: pop3.seznam.cz. Port: 995 (šifrované spojení SSL) Server pro odchozí poštu. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Adresa: smtp.seznam.cz. Port: 465 (šifrované spojení SSL SMTP client submission (Option 1) is not compatible with your business needs or with your device. You can't use direct send (Option 2) because you must send email to external recipients. SMTP relay lets Office 365 relay emails on your behalf by using your public IP address (or a certificate) to authenticate Office 365

Office 365 supports TLS encrypted SMTP connections on port 587 (among others). And IIS can be configured to use TLS on port 587. e.g. But many old devices (copiers, etc.) do not. That's why you use a relay. The MFP sends to the relay on your local network via port 25. [Unencrypted] The SMTP relay sends it externally to Office 365 via TLS SMTP. Example: (Domain).mail.eo.outlook.com or (Domain).mail.protection.outlook.com and port 25. If TLS/StartTLS encryption is required then use port 587. In SMTP Requires Authentication, make sure the box is not ticked. Enter an Office 365 email address in Default [From:] Address field Collaborate for free with online versions of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. Save documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online, in OneDrive

Outlook365: IMAP, POP3, and SMTP settings | Blog | LimilabsSMTP Relay in Office 365 environment | Troubleshooting

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SMTP Relay Server: smtp.office365.com; SMTP Relay SMTP Port: 587 (or port 25) SMTP Relay Authentication: Use standard SMTP authentication; SMTP Relay User and SMTP Relay Password: Enter the credentials for the mailbox that you use with Office 365. Encrypt Connection: If supported by the server (default) Encryption Method: TLS 1.2 or any encryption method supported by Microsoft Office 365; Save your settings. Click to enlarge. Test the SMTP delivery of email notifications Click on Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP). Enter the appropriately formatted address and port number in the field provided. NOTE: For Office365 with a relay server, check for the MX record in your Office365 Portal within the DNS Settings. Example: (Domain).mail.eo.outlook.com or (Domain).mail.protection.outlook.com and port 25. If TLS/StartTLS encryption is required then use port 587 Outlook365 allows you to connect to their IMAP (Internet Mail Access Protocol), POP3 (Post Office Protocol) and SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) servers to manage, retrieve and send e-mail messages. In order to use their API, you need some information including hostname, port, username and password After done about 60+ Office 365 migrations, I've noticed that almost all customers have Applications, Multi function printers or other devices that send some kind of email to end-users or suppliers/Customers. These devices normally use the SMTP-Protocol. To make sure that the emails is sent secure, Microsoft recommend to Authenticate the Application or Device whic There are two ways to do this, via authenticated SMTP using Office 365's servers on port 587, or using Direct Send on port 25 from the server hosting Ghost. I pulled the Office 365 information from the official Microsoft documentation. Authenticated STMP. First you need an email address to send from

Office 365 Fully Hosted. Duplicate the Firebox configuration described in the Remote Employee Proxy SMTP Traffic section. Then follow the steps below to configure Office 365. Log in to the Office 365 admin portal with an administrative account. To add MX records, navigate to Home > Domains 465 (deprecated) and 587 are the *mail client* submission ports, not the ports used for SMTP relaying between servers. That is port 25. TLS/SMTP uses port 25 as well Allowing SMTP traffic for Office 365 Hi. I have an issue with Allowing traffic to Office 365 through our Cisco ASA 5525-X firewall using O365 FQDNs. We have an internal vlan that needs to use O365 for emails. I have allowed traffic on the following ports but the traffic is being blocked-. Home » Office 365 » Office 365 SMTP Relay Setup and Configuration When you move all mailboxes to the office365 (cloud), the next thing in your task is to migrate the SMTP Relay Service. If you plan to keep your existing on premise exchange server then it can be used / utilized as a SMTP Relay server How to scan to email using Office 365 smtp or Outlook using Canon scan to email setup using windows 10. 1. Checking Windows - Windows 10,8.1,8 or 72. Checkin..

Office 365 is the cloud platform of the Microsoft that is now known as the Microsoft 365. It collects all the major services of Microsoft like MS Office, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, and large storage space at the OneDrive for Business. Businesses enjoy the collaborative features from Microsoft 365 and Continue reading Microsoft 365 SMTP, POP. To send Microsoft SharePoint items as attachments, you must configure SMTP server settings. To configure SMTP settings. do the following: Go to the main menu and click General Options.; On the SMTP Settings tab, select the Configure SMTP settings check box and specify the following:; DNS name or IP address of the mail server We run DNN Platform Version 09.02.01 in a Microsoft Azure App Service. We also run Microsoft Office 365. Our DNN Platform SMTP Server Settings are Outlook365 supports access via IMAP, POP3 and SMTP protocols. Below you can find the configuration settings for all protocols. Latest Office 365 version. For latest Office 365 after the service upgrade, use the following settings: IMAP. Server: outlook.office365.com SSL: true-implicit, true-explicit (StartTLS) Port: 993 (default), 143 (default

I'm currently having trouble with the Post SMTP plugin on WordPress in combination with Office 365. We're using the smtp.office365.com settings (and we have verified that the account details we have are correct and allow to the Office 365 account), and each test email we try to send comes with the following error Find SMTP POP & IMAP Setting information, Find SMTP POP & IMAP Setting information using Outlook and Office 365, #SMTP #OutlookAndOffice365 #POPandIMAPhow to.. Trying to use SMTP relay on clearpass with smtp.office365.com (Outlook Office 365). Soulution: From what ive discovered, you must use the following configuration for SMTP to work with office365. Servername: smtp.office365.com. Username: user@domain.com - This username must licenced and exist in office365. Password: <userspassword>

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Port- 25. Why we cannot use the server details of option 01 on Navision? Because, When you apply office 365 server settings button on SMTP Mail Setup on Navision, It will automatically replace the settings as option 01. Please help us. Reply. SDasun responded on 13 Jun 2018 12:18 AM SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is an application layer protocol used for email sending. When a client needs to send an email, the client opens a TCP connection to an SMTP server which always listens to the appropriate TCP port (TCP 25 by default). Office 365 SMTP settings must be set in an email client to send an email This Office 365 tutorial, we will see incoming and outgoing mail server details in Office 365.If you want to configure your email client application to access Office 365, then you need the incoming and outgoing email settings of Office 365.Either you can use Exchange or you can use (IMAP) Internet Message Access Protocol settings to access your Office 365 email using email client

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  1. The upshot is that I can't use the SMTP server in Office 365 from my GCEs as the requirement for SMTP when using O365 is port 587 at smtp.office365.com. Bizarrely, (and somewhat contradicting the supposed reason for this block) port 2525 is open for SMTP traffic. Oh, and of course port 587 is open if you use Google for email!
  2. Re: Xerox 7535 Office 365 scan to email settings I've seen cases where Office365 in the latest firmware may have issues. I know it works on Hint, install this now if yours is not the same (You would need a technician to downgrade from the above
  3. Office 365 SMTP is unreliable - I've several reports of it failing. - Synchro Jul 25 '14 at 5:42 One other thing to check is that your smtp server is actually turned on, otherwise php won't be able to send any emails via smtp. Eg. if you are using postfix in debian/ubuntu: ps aux | grep postfix and if you get no output: sudo /etc/init.d.
  4. Office 365 - Test SMTP on Port 587 using Powershell. Learn how to connect to Office365 on port 587 and send a test email using Powershell. Troubleshooting or testing an Office365 SMTP issue can be simply tested by using the following 2 lines of code, the first line creates a variable where you enter your Office365 mailbox credentials then the.
  5. I was recently working on an Office 365 deployment when the question about firewall ports came up. So I thought I would share this information: Server/Service Port Protocol Direction ADFS (Internal) 443 TCP Inbound/Outbound ADFS (Proxy DMZ) or WAP Server 443 TCP Inbound/Outbound Microsoft Online Portal (Website) 443 TCP Inbound/Outbound Outlook Web Access (Website) 44
  6. Don't forget to set the connector in Office 365 to certificate based and to test your setup: Your server is now ready for use, legacy devices and apps can now submit their mail on port 25, unencrypted, and IIS SMTP will forward it to Office 365 using TLS

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Change to SMTP to Port 587. By default the Canon MFPs use port 25 for SMTP like most other devices do. To use Office 365 as your mail server, you will need to change this to port 587. This will have to be done on the printer itself, not from the web console Leave it at port 25 and tick tls to enable. Leave the username and pw blank. Now - you may have to whitelist the public ip your server is coming from to allow mail in via the office 365 exchange admin tools. This setup im running perfectly on jira / confluence/ bitbucket at 2 sites

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Microsoft Outlook v Office 365--== 1 ROK ZDARMA PRO KAŽDÉHO, KDO K NÁM PŘECHÁZÍ OD KONKURENCE, PŘEJDĚTE K NÁM A UŠETŘETE ==-- Doporučujeme využít kombinace šifrování SSL/TLS a port 993 jako na snímku. Vyplňte adresu SMTP serveru (smtp.savana.cz), vyberte způsob šifrování a vyplňte odpovídající port The IIS SMTP mail relay includes a built-in supports in the TLS protocol and gives that we have created all the required configuration setting that described in the article - xxx, the communication channel between the IIS SMTP mail relay and the Office 365 EOP server which represented by the host name: smtp.office365.com created

Re: Send Mail (SMTP) through Office 365 with MFA @Jeff Harlow someone answered below, not sure why that took so long. The easy answer is that you generate and then use an app password for that account, instead of the regular user password Setting up PHPMailer with Office365 SMTP using php port and server. From PHPMailer GitHub site, follow Minimal installation section and download class.phpmailer.php and class.smtp.php.. Send email on App Service using Office 365. it is a Proof of Concept to send email using the PHP Mailer library and Office 365

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To configure your device or application, connect directly to Office 365 using the SMTP client submission endpoint smtp.office365.com. Each device/application must be able to authenticate with Office 365. The email address of the account that's used to authenticate with Office 365 will appear as the sender of messages from the device/application The alternate way consists of installing an IIS server on the QlikView Server and configure it for relay with Office 365. Setup: For instructions on this, please see Microsoft directly: Microsoft IIS for relay with Office 365 Finalizing steps: Make sure the binding of the default website is pointed away from the port of the Qlikview Server

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Setting up SMTP relay for your business is fully covered by our Standard Support for Liquid Mercury Solutions' Office 365 customers. If you're purchasing Office 365 licenses directly from Microsoft (or somewhere else), we can transition your plans to our Cloud Solution Provider program in a manner that is cost-neutral and transparent to your. 3. users defined in Dynamics NAV xx or Dynamics 365 that do need to send mail as the smtp user lack permissions to send as the smtp user defined in Dynamics NAV xx or Dynamics 365 BC. To fix 3: edit all users in the Office 365 portal, Mailbox Settings, add the smtp user defined in Dynamics xx or Dynamics 365 BC to the Send As propert Email Tracking & Scheduling, Document Tracking, Mail Merge, Auto-Followup & Email templates to boost sales teams productivity

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  1. For new Office 365 tenants, Default Security is now standard set to 'on' , so new Office 365 users won't be able to send SMTP mails with multifunctional devices. I was hoping there would be a simple way just for one user (or shared mailbox) to send SMTP mail
  2. To test download the SMTP diag tool from here. (This is the same as using the telnet commands to send email). If all is working ok you should be able to send yourself an email through Office 365 as below. Remember you will need to open port 25 outbound on both your SMTP relay server's software firewall and your hardware firewall
  3. Enter smtp.office365.com as the SMTP Server Name ( without the marks) (6) Enter 587 as the SMTP Port Number (6) Change Authentication Protocol to On and Authentication as to Other (6) Enter your Office 365 User name and password in the Login User Name and Login Password fields (6)9 Scroll down to the Email Send setting
  4. Port 587 is used and is only required to be opened from the server to Office 365. No individual device or application requires direct connection to Office 365. Conclusion. With the variety of options, no single SMTP option is a one size fits all solution. Per Microsoft, SMTP Submission is the recommended option for simplicity and security combined

To use SMTP Authenticated Submission, you must: Have an Office 365 user mailbox (licensed). This email address will appear as the sender of the message. PowerShell (or another client) must be able to resolve and reach smtp.office365.com. TCP Port 587 or 25 must be open to Office 365 from the client. Direct Send. Ramping up the complexity a bit is the Direct Send option. Like SMTP Authenticated Submission, Direct Send allows you to use any sende An Office 365 Subscription An Application that requires SMTP access hosted on your server Your application should support TLS 1.2 and above Now, since the port 25 is blocked over at Snel, you can use the direct method of sending mail via Office 365 If TLS/StartTLS encryption is required then use port 587. Enter the Office 365 e-mail address in the Machine's E-Mail Address field. The format should be the full e-mail address (username@office365.com). If no encryption is required, select Disabled from the SMTP - SSL / TLS Communication drop down Port number to connect to the Office 365 smtp server: 587 (recommended), 21 if 587 cannot be used. Configuration in the web.config. Warning. It is highly recommended to encrypt the smtp config section

From Address: Use the Office 365 Account Email Address you want to use for the printer; SMTP Server: smtp.office365.com; SMTP Port: 587; Tick the box that says Always use secure connection (SSL/TLS) Username: Use the Office 365 Account Email Address you want to use for the printer; Password: Enter the password for the account you want to use How to Configure Office 365 with Sage 100 ERP Paperless Office Resolution •Open Library Master, Main, Company Maintenance •Select the Company to configure Email for •Navigate to the Email tab •Fill in the following values: Address: outlook.office365.com (Formerly smtp.office365.com) Port: 587 SMTP Encryption: TLS/StartTL

How to Set Up an Office 365 SMTP Relay with Connector

Hi Cris, Thanks for the docs! I just to add one more: Service Desk Outgoing Email Using Office 365 - CA Knowledge . And finally there is a catch for me: at least on CA Service Desk 12.9 the email engine doesn't work with secure ports (like 993 or 587), so instead I need to use 25 port and works fine I've tried every setting imaginable to get the SMTP settings to work with my Office-365 email account. I think the Authentication needs to be SSL but that is not a selection and none of the other settings will work. I saw another post here from back in July a year ago, but there was no resolution

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5. Record the SMTP Settings for your account . Setup the MFP with your Office 365 account. 1. Open the Command Center RX 2. Login as Admin 3. Advanced Tab > SMTP General a. SMTP Port Number: 587 b. SMTP Server Name: pod#####.outlook.com Note: Enter your Server Name from above c. Authentication: On d. Authenticate As: Other e. User Name and. Your Office 365 mailbox can only be accessed through a secure connection. Your mail client must support POP and IMAP through TLS connections. IMAP server: outlook.office365.com, port 993, encryption method TLS; Incoming POP3 server: outlook.office365.com, Outgoing SMTP server: smtp.office365.com, port 587,.

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Now with the pass password, you're ready to start sending emails with SMTP. To use Office 365 with Laravel setup the .env file as follows. MAIL_DRIVER=smtp MAIL_HOST=smtp.office365.com MAIL_PORT=587 MAIL_USERNAME=email MAIL_PASSWORD=app_password MAIL_ENCRYPTION=tls MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS=email MAIL_FROM_NAME=your app nam Server Settings. Here are the Office 365 SMTP settings for your business account:. Incoming server setting: outlook.office365.com; Outgoing SMTP server setting: smtp.office365.co; Incoming port (IMAP): 993 Incoming port (POP): 995 Outgoing port: 587 If you have Outlook, these are the settings you should use Set the SMTP SERVER NAME to SMTP.OFFICE365.COM; Set the SMTP PORT NO. to 587. This is an SSL connection; Set USE SECURE CONNECTION (SSL) to ON; Set SMTP AUTHENTICATION to ON; Set the SMTP AUTH EMAIL ADDRESS to an address you have already setup in Office365; Set the SMTP AUTH USER NAME to an username you have already setup in Office365 Email Address: [email protected] (needs to be the same as the user email unless you give the proper send permissions in office 365) Email Display Name: Random Name Host: smtp.office365.com Port: 587 User: [email protected] Password: Office 365 password for user [email protected] SSL: checked Use Default Credentials: unchecke

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SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is used when you set up an on-premises multi-function printer, scanner, fax, or line of business (LOB) application that needs to send email. If some or all of your mailboxes are in Office 365, there are a few options available: SMTP relay, client SMTP submission, or Direct Send In response to your question, Office 365 will accept various types of smtp traffic including TLS encryption but the limiting factor in this scenario are devices I am using to send the smtp traffic. I need to use port 25 for some very basic network alert tools / devices I am able to get a successful test of the SMTP settings, but it fails each time to send an actual email. I wasted quite a bit of time trying to get O365 SMTP going to no avail, instead it was suggested that i use relay.appriver.com, port 25, no authentication. tried that and life is good EAC > Mail flow > Connector > Direction 'Your org e-mail server' to 'Office 365' If it fails on port 587, possibly due to certificate or TLS version issue, try relaying through the port 25 with SMTP authentication. If you are not using SMTP authentication, specify the smart host as Office 365 MX record for the respective domain and use port no 2 Send-MailMessage -From [email protected] -To [email protected] -Subject Test Email -Body Test Text -SmtpServer smtp.office365.com -Credential $msolcred -UseSsl -Port 587 Sending the test mail . And there you have it. Now if all worked correctly, you should receive your test mail

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In the section - Incoming mail server, add the server name - outlook.office365.com (number 4) In the section - Outgoing mail server (SMTP), add the server name - smtp.office365.com (number 5) In the section Logon information, write down your credentials - your O ffice 365 name + password (number 6 + 7 The problem is not exactly with Office 365 Mail servers - rather with Exchange (and potentially other mailservers as well): E-Mail server: smtp.office365.com SMTP Port of E-Mail server: 587 Connection timeout to E-Mail server: blank Secure SMTP Connection: unchecke 3. Office 365 SMTP relay ( Discussed in this Post ) In this method, we are connected to our Organization Mail Server hostname (MX) whose name ends with mail.protection.outlook.com There is a connector set up in Office 365 for emails sent from your organization's mail server. In our case it is postfix Open Outbound connections and set smtp server port in TCP port (for Office 365 this is 587); 10. Open Advanced and set Fully-qualified domain name (your local server FQDN) and Smart host (in my case Office 365 snmp server smtp.office365.com )

SMTP, POP, & IMAP Settings for Office 365

Provider: Other <-- Don't use Office 365, as you want explicit control of the settings here [5] SMTP Server: smtp.office365.com:587 [6] This is a real value for Office 365 smtp server, don't forget the port number Use Auth: Use Authentication [7] Use TLS: Use TLS (Hell yes!) [no number, ooops I see that currently in Epicor, we use the SMTP and port, but we are close to removing the on premise server and need to verify we can send emails from epicor. Office 365 and Emails from Epicor. ERP 10. MiguelS Learn how to set up printers, scanners, LOB applications to send email using Office 365. Mark W. 1 Like Microsoft announced an upcoming change for secure connections in a support article last updated 19th December 2017. Office 365 will only initiate and accept connections secured by TLS 1.2 (Transport Layer Security) only starting October 31st 2018. There will be no support for older TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1. This is a pro-active measure before any possible downgrade attacks that will pop-up in.

SMTP Settings for Outlook365 and Gmail - SmarterTool

You can configure Office 365 with OAuth Authentication. To do so, you have to provide Application ID and Secret Key. Try out the details mentioned below to configure Office 365 with oAuth. SMTP Host: smtp.live.com SMTP Port : 587 Client ID: Your Office 365 account application ID Secret Key: Your Office 365 account secret key Encryption: TL Hi @zest0adam,. Since it was working previously, possibly you've changed some settings within your Microsoft account. Make sure SMTP access is not enabled for your email account, you can check here.Also, note that Office 365 requires the username in your SMTP configuration to be your full email address, which includes the domain SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) will fix email delivery issues by changing the way your emails are sent and properly authenticating them. SMTP is the industry standard for ensuring email deliverability, and WP Mail SMTP is the most flexible way to connect to many different SMTP services. Port: 587 Username: Your Office 365 account. If you send over port 587, it has to be secured with TLS 1.2. Be sure you have validated the solution. Break down the problem domain to figure out which parts of the setup are your issue. Can you send mail to the SMTP server, can that server send mail to Office 365? Check it with TELNET or PowerShell - and send a message through your SMTP server This resolved my issue. For anyone who is using the open relay option for office 365 this is to correct answer to get this resolved. Note that you will have to add the IP or IP range in your office 365 Admin configuration under the connector tab in the mailflow area (found in the Exchange settings) Thank you

Publishing IMAP, POP and SMTP settings via Exchange 2010

SMTP relay empowers Office 365 to relay emails on your behalf by using your public IP address (or a certificate) to authenticate Office 365. This is the fall-back option when SMTP client submission isn't compatible with your business needs or device configurations or if email must be sent to external recipients, ruling out direct transmission Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 4.0 User Guide. About Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 allows you to send Exchange items that are located in a backup via email. For that, you must configure an SMTP server via which you want to send emails. specify a DNS name or IP address of the SMTP server. In the Port field, specify a port. Hello, I have encountered a problem with the office 365 scan to email. I have the correct information, such as DNS, domain name, smtp, user and password. The problem has occurred on every Versalink machine that I have to install, I was wondering if anybody here is expierencing the same problem. Th.. Ensured Authenticated SMTP was turned on for the account Ensured SMTP relay was set up via 365 Used XXXX-com.mail.protection.outlook.com, Port 25, SSL/TLS o If the SMTP and WSUS servers are not on the same server, in my environment, I do the following: Go back to the properties of the virtual SMTP server. In General, delete (All Unassigned) in IP Address and add the IP address and port number of this machine. In Access - Relay, add the loop IP and the IP of the other WSUS server Enter the credentials of the Office 365 user who you want to use to relay SMTP mail. iii. Select TLS Encryption. Select Outbound Connections, and in the TCP Port box, enter 587 and select OK. Select Advanced and specify SMTP.office365.comas the Smart Host. Restart the IIS service and the SMTP service

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